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License Key Not Found

Roggie Rog

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Hello. I'd really like some help with this issue:

I have two machines running 6.2.2, and recently when remoting in, I'm seeing a "License Key Not Found" error that keeps popping up on each of the display machines. When online, there are no issues with playback. I've uninstalled both WO and Codemeter on Production and Display machines, I've swapped dongles, I've checked Codemeter, and even the license manager window in WO reports that the licenses are AOK.

What could be happening, what are the dangers, and what is a solution for this issue?

Thanks kindly in advance.

Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at 11.33.34 PM.jpg

Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at 11.42.50 PM.jpg

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Just because the license is showing in the License Manager list does not mean it is OK. License Manager does not forget a license it has seen in the past. When you scan, it can add to the list, but it will not take away keys that are no longer there. So, select all lines in the License Manager list and delete them. Then Scan License Keys again. If it reappears, then it is ok. I suspect it will not reappear.

BTW In the past, the retention of key listings for keys that are no longer available has caused problems for people upgrading. On occasion, people have submitted data for upgrade that includes keys they no longer have, not realizing that once a key appears in the list, it will stay in the list until manually cleared.

The only valid check is to start from a blank list. You will do not harm clearing the list. If there are valid keys, they will re-appear when a scan is executed.

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Thanks for your quick reply! I’ve selected all licenses in License Manager and deleted them, rescanned, and all three show up. Nonetheless, when I Remote Access into the Diaplay Machines, I still have the intermittent pop up. Should this be a serious concern? Why could it be happening, and what could resolve the issue. 


Thank you. 

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Is this message occurring on power up / Windows startup shortcut watchpoint startup? That would point to some kind of windows configuration issue. After the dialog with License key not found appears, connect a keyboard / mouse to the watchpoint computer and quit watchpoint, restart it while the computer is already powered up. Is everything OK.? If so, confirm there are no question marks in Windows Device Manager. Confirm no drivers are sourced from Microsoft as well. Then again, no guarantee 10 seconds is enough for your specific configuration, have you tried longer? Granted, that does seem long for Windows to load completely. If it was a Dataton server we would have you restore the factory configuration because we know that does not happen on a properly prepared display server.

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