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Codec/settings for playback on a 6 output display


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Good day,


Trying to play some large files off one computer driving 6 outputs. Right now our best result have been with pre-split H.264 .mov files, at 20fps. However we are having issues:


1- when trying to play 2 movies the second movie does not play, regardless of the movies bitrate (starting a 4300Kbps movie after a 4300Kbps movie gives the same result as playing a 4300Kbps movie after a 16Mbps movie).


2- The display computer can even loose connection at some point and we need to go offline then online again to regain control of the display computer.


Also, when encoding we have this issue where despite limiting the data rate to 2500Kbps the movies are encoded at sometimes very high bitrate (16Mbps for example)


My questions:


1- which encoding software is recomended by Dataton, mac or PC. Right now we are using Sorenson Squeeze.


2- which codec/settings gave you guys best result for pre-split movies on a 6 output computer


3- which codec/settings gave you best result for a movie played back on a 6 output computer (not pre-split, scaled)


Thanks much for your input

have a nice day!

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You best bet to play six video streams off one computer is probably MPEG-2. Particularly if you're playing HD. H.264 is significantly more processor intensive, and is less likely to play well for that many simultaneous streams even on very powerful hardware. For encoding, I've been very happy with TMPGEnc (it's cheap too ;-). Procoder is another popular encoder. I've also heard good things about Epispode, although I haven't used it myself.


This all assumes you're doing a six output presplit for best image quality. If all you want to do is play a single video, scaled up across all displays, you should be able to use either MPEG-2 or H.264.

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I want to put HD 1920X1080 videos in my 6 output presplit...

Can you be more precise on the type of mpeg 2 codec you're compressing with please.

What frame rate I should use?

What is the format constraint I should use?

Method : vbr or cbr ?

Data rate ?


all other infos that might be useful are welcome.


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  • 1 month later...

After several codec / format tests. We found out that the MPG2 was the most stable of all our tests.

We used

MPEG-PS (container)

MPEG-2 (codec)

20 000 kbit/s



We use Episode 6 pro to compress our uncompressed video files.


With that receipt it don't crash at all.

Thx for your help all.

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