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Control Watchpax over IP from E2


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Hi guys, 


i try to find the command to control a watchpax from an E2 Barco without production software, the idea is to recall different auxiliary timeline with the new cue function in the E2 .

if anyone of you has the command line to do that it will be appreciated, that's not really clear in the user manual for me 



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WATCHPAX is no different than any other WATCHOUT Display server as it relates to IP control.

Prior to triggering  auxiliary timelines you must perform some basic preparation as outlined in the user guide. So before you can trigger the aux timelines you must connect to port 3039, send authenticate 1, and load the show. Loading the show from production and then switching to direct control will result in unexpected behavuor, you must load the show from either IP or a startup script. If the show is already loaded from Production, you must still send the load command from IP to reconfigure the WATCHPAX for direct IP control. Once that is done, as long as the connection is maintained, all you need to send is:

run "Timeline Name"

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