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Audio not working through USB to M-Audio device

Paul Edgett

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Hey team,

looking for some help on Watchout problem that has creeped up. a few days ago I was called by our GM who indicated that the Watchout server crashed and needed to be restored. he attempted to do it but couldn't access the machine. I came in and restored it so we now have video roalling once again, but now the audio has not worked since.

we are currently running Watchout V6 and putting the audio from a USB to a M-Audio converter to deliver audio to a mixer. I tested the input to the M-audio and its good. I updated the soundcard drivers and still no change. I did the obvious and swapped the USB cable out as well.

audio is turned up on the O/S  ( win 7 machine)

am I missing anything you guys can think of?

thanks much!!!!

Paul Edgett

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I found that the problem exists only on Display computers in versions v6.3.1, v6.4, v6.4.1 (the v6.5 I have not tested to the end) with Win10, and the solutions I found are only paliatives to bugs that are dragging on for some time .

Problems encountered:

  • 48KHz 16bit WAV LPCM file during a free-running if you put it pause on the computer Producer continues to play while on the computer Display stops
  • problem sometimes found only in the main timeline and not on the auxiliary timeline (v6.3.1)
  • problem encountered even with TimeCode tracks generated at 48KHz 16bit WAV and put in the Main Timeline
  • WAV 44.1KHz 16 bit audio files made with Logic Pro for Mac, they crashed the Production (v6.4)
  • with Logic Pro for Mac have another problem happened that after some time the WAV it went out of sync with the loops and the Logos on the Display computers came out without giving errors on the Producer (v6.3.1)
  • problem sometimes encountered even with conversions made by MediaEncoder

Solutions currently adopted:

  • conversion of files via FFMPEG to WAV 16bit 44.1KHz
  • creation of 44.1KHz audio files with programs other than Logic Pro

I hope this can be of help waiting for the continuous bugs repeated in multiple versions and that have been generated by v6.3 onwards are definitively solved.

Best regards.


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