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Hi, I am tracking to use automation data coming from Creative Conners Spikemark to have a virtual display track a set piece flying in and out of the stage.

The input data stream from Spikemark and tween formula is tracking nicely on the Y axis, so far so good.  However, as the set piece moves either above or below the projector lens (188.5 on the Y axis), the Z axis needs to change as the set piece is moving further away in 3D space, so Z axis needs to be conditional on the value of Y.   

So, I think I’m looking for some help writing this expression.  Will If / And / Else statements work?   Something like If Y = >< 188.5 then z = y-1 else z=0

This is the first time I’ve tried to track a 3D object using automation data, and unfortunately there is little time for tweaking it.  Does anyone have experience they can lend to help?


Thank you,

Jason Vaughan

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Hi TimFranklin, thanks for replying.  Sorry for not following up sooner, with the urgency of my fix, I jumped on the FaceBook forum to look for help as well.  

I ended up doing it all with math.  I've learned that you can find the value for your slope without it and I developed a repeatable technique for calibration and determining the values needed to calculate 'Y'.  If anyone runs into this issue please let me know, Id be happy to share it or post it on this forum somewhere.  I did  post it on Facebook Watchout forum tho.

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