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Media files not transferring to Display PC


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I have a bespoke Quad output Display PC which was tweaked by the system supplier, connected to my own build (and previously reliable) Production PC.

I have just updated Watchout to latest version on both systems.

The network connection appears to be healthy and when I go online with a new presentation the Production PC connects to the Display PC as normal.

But it's unable to transfer the media files to the new Shows folder. A string of error messages runs on every attempt (see uploaded image). I've created a number of different test presentations but the problem is obviously a network/system setting issue which I just can't unlock?




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Are you sure that you only use ONE active NIC (network port) on the production computer, all others DISABLED? Have you tried swapping the switch or using a direct cable between both computers to rule out problems on the switch? Have you tried other media codecs? While it usually works, WMV is not officially supported.

See: https://www.dataton.com/watchout-overview-supported-media-images-sound-and-video

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Many thanks for your reply. Yes, I had tried and checked the things that you mention. The WMV file was just for testing purposes, not a final show file.

After a long process of trial and error I found a solution with thanks to WO version 5 after I rolled back my software on the Production and Display PC. Going online with version 5, Windows flashes up a warning message about Watchout being blocked by the Firewall on the Production PC. Clicking accept allows the media file transfer to proceed. The transfer was being blocked even though Watchout was already on the list of apps allowed through the Production PC Firewall. It seems that switching off the Windows Firewall completely on the Production PC is the only way to allow media file transfer.

WO version 6 doesn't seem to prompt the same warning response from Windows and your left scratching your head. Especially as Watchout reports ''Network Error; Display Computer: No Response'.

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Well, usually a warning would pop up in Windows 7 as well but maybe it was sort of half-way registered in the OS.

Normally it would also work with an activated firewall but WATCHOUT uses more ports, some of them being dynamically selected by Windows.

BTW, we have seen the firewall of Win 10 blocking WATCHOUT although it was turned off. Here, we needed to turn it on, accept the rules for WATCHOUT and then turn it off again.

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