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4x4k impossible with NVIDIA ? Win 10 tuning ?


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Hi Dataton crew & everyone else

i'm having issues with a 4x4k setup with watchout 6.3.1 :

setup is 3840x2160@50Hz x 4.

i'm on win 10 x64  LTSB 1607, with recommended update KB4057142 ,tweaked with the official guide.

mobo is X99 asus, GPU is Nvidia P4000, last drivers.

When i play 3x4k output it works fine

but when going to 4x4k watchout display is not running good at all,

watchpoint exits and idle on the watchout logo, with no IP adress displayed or name.

any ideas ?

when i go back to 3x4k everything is back to normal.

No such troubles on win 7, 3 or 4 4k outputs work fine !

Is the Official guide for win 10 and watchout is complete ?

Is there not some kind of secret tweaking missing ?

Is Nvidia not good for watchout, and AMD works better ?

Do i need to update win 10 (LTSB 1607) with a more recent update than update KB4057142

or must stay with that one ?

i know A lot of question though....

i think dataton should update the tweaking guide and be more precise maybe ?

For the moment i stay on win 7.

Tak !

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  • Dataton Partner

The limitation Luca is referring to is only valid for AMD graphic cards and Windows 7 due to an AMD driver bug. There are quite a few postings on this forum about this issue.

NVIDEA should work. The new WATCHPAX 60 series, the WATCHMAX SDI and the WATCHPAX 4 all use NVIDEA graphic cards. The first two run Windows 10, WATCHPAX 4 WIndows 7 embedded.

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Guest DavidA

Dear MisterK,

we have NVIDIA P4000 cards running well with 4x4K outputs on our servers. So it should not be a problem with the GPU - nor the WATCHOUT version.

The Windows 10 tweak list will be updated with some minor changes in the near future.  The reasons for not make a major update are many, but mainly because making and maintaining a fully up-to-date tweak list is incredibly time consuming: Each windows version needs to be tested and tested with a wide range of drivers for various hardware components, such as graphics cards. And it is not only the single Windows version, it is with all the KB updates in variation with different drivers as well.

At point of release, the Windows tweak list is accurate, but with different GPUs, Windows versions, KB versions, etc - it is inevitably going to be less accurate.

We have built a wide range of WATCHOUT media servers that is pre-tweaked and setup by our developers. They are locked down to avoid having people updating drivers - to make sure the media server performs as well as intended and so we can provide full support on them. Our reasoning to use the LTSB is also to avoid having to force our users to update Windows with new features and not only security updates.

I see from our support log that you have received an answer by our support team. I hope it helps - if it does, please let us know so we can post the same here.

Good luck!

Best regards,

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On 1/25/2022 at 3:07 PM, Dario said:

Hi everyone! 

I couldn't find any more recently news...

Is there an 2022 GPU list to compare in watchout use?

Thank you

I don't think there will ever be such a list.  The list will vary with your other computer components and software capabilities.  My advice is not to use WX7100 and WX9100 external AMD cards.  You can use Nvidia chipset cards.  This way you will have more chances.

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