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Remote Operation Shortcut Key Issue


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For the past year I have been in New York operating a Watchout production machine that exists in California. I am VNC into the production machine via UltraVNC. 

My problem is that my shortcut keys and their functions keep switching between CNTRL+ and CNTRL + SHIFT.  Sometimes save is CNTRL+S then the next second it's CNTRL+ SHIFT+ S. This gets frustrating when using trying to place pause cues because I never know if I'm getting a play or a pause cue and vice versa. It switches back and forth at its leisure all day long. Sometimes CNTRL + T shows me the top view in the stage window instead of toggling 'click jump to time'

I am not sure if this is a VNC thing, a windows thing, or a watchout thing (or a combination) but I am tired of work taking longer by having to manually chance pause cues to play cues and so on. If shortcut keys aren't a shortcut then where are we!?

If anyone has experienced this any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance 

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I do not use remote access and have NEVER seen this behavior in WATCHOUT Production (and I always use the keyboard shortcut to place pause or play cues). Is it possible that one of the other shortcuts you are using is also a shortcut for VNC to change the CNTRL+ and CNTRL + SHIFT function?

also, might make some sense to indicate WATCHOUT version you are using, as my experience only goes up to 6.2.2

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