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Trade show displays


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We are a group of IT companies and want to present my company in a fair that is going to be conducted after 2 months. It is job fair and would see the participation of a large number of students in the entire country. We like to hire a large workforce for our company. For that, we have to put up the best advertisements and displays that are visually appealing. We are thinking of hiring a trade show display company in Toronto for the job. We want visual, key phrases that would describe our company to be put up in the display. I don’t know which displays would be ideal for us but are considering a 10-foot display. What would be the cost of such a display? Is there anyone with prior experience in trade show displays? We even thought of renting a display but were doubtful about its quality and durability. Do these display last long enough? Please do comment below. Thank you.

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Guest DavidA


Albeit at tad (quite a bit, actually) out of the scope of the WATCHOUT forum, here is my take. 

I would recommend you to approach a company that specialises on building stands and trade show booths - the company you link to seem to be a company that does not build stands/fairs but will deliver printed materials to those companies who designs and build stands. 

Among these companies you find Freeman (https://www.freeman.com) and Worldstage (https://www.worldstage.com) and a bunch of others. They can also either support on content creation or you can reach out to https://www.pixelmosaic.com 

When it comes to quality of displays, you should not worry about that - you are renting them for the fair. 

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