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YA windows10 Thread - media not showing and halted netwrok transfers


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Hello guys,

We are currently installing a new display computer and are stumbling upon issues and while we are still testing and hunting for solutions I would like to dive in the collective minds for solutions.


x299 (MSI raider)

i7 8 cores


32GB ram (4channel of 8GB)

on board network adapter (1Gbps)

Win10 pro (we are trying win10 entreprise LTSB atm)

win10 tweak list applied



-1- some medias just do not show up on the display computer, we tried  solid and a jpeg. The same media that was not showing can start showing after a reboot and a new media was affected. The reason we haven't tried other media is number -2-

-2- file transfer do not complete, it either freezes on a file and gives us a caching error.


Solutions tried and current troubleshoot:

-1- ran memtest86, RAM is fine

-2- ran iPerf3, network is fine

-3- tried different disk and different storage tech (ssd, nvme, HDD), no difference

-4- tried the same sessions on a different display machine which was then working flawlessly

-5- tried to install win7 pro. It doesn't work as x299 and the new i7 are not supported and external drivers won't install

-6- we are currently trying win10 entreprise LTSB with the tweak list, will update post with result



With win7 phased out and with new hardware being unsuported anyways we are entering a phase of uncertainty with Watchout where we will embark on multi day testing not knowing if it's our hardware, the driver versions, a faulty component, a tweak, an addon that causes the problem. I guess it was always the case but not at this level, troubleshoot will always take place but having a media server that doesn't officialy and rigorously support the current OS in place is tricky at best. For years we had the win7pro fallback, it doesn't apply anymore and win10 obviously has issues, for many users. It would greatly help to be able to rule out the OS as the possible culprit when having problems. Does Dataton has any OS plan for the upcomming year? Do you guys ever plan on moving to linux and skip all the windows nonsense? Do you plan on releasing a fully win10 compliant Watchout?


Thank you for the upcomming help and for the great product, it might give us headaches recently but it's still our favorite one :)


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Please indicate the WATCHOUT version when positing questions like this. :mellow:

A caching error would indicating a problem with a still image file. Have you tried editing the still image item in the media list to set the transparency specifically (default is automatic)?

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Hello JFK,

In this case it would be 6.3.1 and 6.2, the problem happens with still images or videos.

However, we think we found the culprit and will be testing further tomorow to confirm but it looks like it's a license key issue, the hardware dongle itself. Changing it seems to have solve the problems but we barely tested at the end of our troubleshooting day. I will post the confirmation after the tests.

Thanks for helping!


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