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WATCHOUT 6.4 released

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Hi Everyone, 

We're pleased to announce that WATCHOUT version 6.4 is now available for download!
A big thank-you to all beta testers for their invaluable feedback. 


Dataton WATCHOUT User's Guide 6.4 (pdf)

Release notes:

Dataton WATCHOUT® version 6.4
This version contains some new features, such as MPCDI file import and task folders, and fixes some issues.

Multiple Projection Common Data Interchange (MPCDI) file import
You can now import display and projector calibration data from MPCDI files. Please consult the user’s guide for more information.

Task folders
Auxiliary timelines can now be grouped and organized into folders in the task window. The order of timelines, folders, and timelines in folders, all affect the stacking order when rendered.

Dragging and dropping tasks to change their order, and place them in folders, has been reworked to be more intuitive.

Custom cue colors
You can now set custom colors on cues, either on different types of cues through the Preferences dialog, or on individual cues in their corresponding dialog.

More new features

  • Manual pre-roll can now be applied on all kinds of media cues, not just video and audio.
  • You can open a capture card control panel on Dataton media servers, where applicable.
  • The task window can now be locked, to prevent any unwanted changes in stacking order, trigger conditions etc.


  • Cues are always rendered and pre-rolled, regardless of opacity, resulting in smoother playback in cues that are faded in.
  • HAP video can utilize more than 16 logical CPU cores if encoded with more than 16 chunks. This can increase HAP video performance on high-end media servers.
  • Improved overall performance on Windows 10 media servers to resolve some instances of choppy playback.
  • The process of entering or exiting fullscreen mode has been improved.
  • Enhanced NDI performance and stability (update to NDI 3.8)


  • An issue with preloading from version 6.3 has been fixed. This could cause glitches and/or poor performance of any media playback, when jumping on the timeline or using play/pause cues.
  • The production software will no longer hang if you delete a virtual display device while its corresponding media is being used in a media cue.
  • Replacing any media cue by a DMX media no longer causes the production software to crash.
  • The display software could turn black when connecting/disconnecting a display, if there was no show running. This has been fixed.
  • In Windows 10, the show’s refresh rate was not set correctly on certain displays/projectors. This has been resolved.
  • When calibrating a 3D projector while there were multiple 3D objects on different stage tiers, WATCHOUT placed the calibration points on all those objects, not just those on the same tier as the projector. This has been fixed.
  • Timecode now works with non 44.1 kHz devices.
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