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I am creating a series of video projections -- 22 total clips, each about 4 minutes long, 1024 x 768, H.264 codec. All are playing via one display computer. They are being integrated into a performing arts piece that lasts almost 2 hours. Is it advisable to organize the video clips in separate "Watchout show" files, or put them all in one "Watchout show" file that would have a single long timeline?

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Ehh... Neil, I can think of one VERY good reason to put Guy's video clips in a single show and that is: AUXILIARY TIMELINES. This is one of the more important WATCHOUT features in recent years. Originally introduced in WATCHOUT version 4, it allows multiple timelines to be triggered independently. For those of you that are not familiar with the concept, please study the WATCHOUT USER'S GUIDE (starting on page 200) or watch this introduction video: Timelines - Using Multiple Timelines

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Hey Fredrik that is just what I was saying. I cant think why they would want to be in separate show files. One show with auxiliaries as you suggest would be the way to go ;) .Or even compositions depending on what Guy is trying to achieve.. For me they are the best new feature in Watchout.I use them all the time.

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