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Masking Flutter


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We're doing a 3-screen show with some nifty foreground and background screens. We're using some heavy screen shaping to make everything look right, and had planned to use masks to split the foreground images from the background images. (Basically build solid 1920x1080 stills and movies, then use still masks to make them hit the correct screen areas.) Each screen is an output playing one HD foreground movie and one HD background movie.


However, we are getting an odd "flutter" in our masking. As video plays, occasionally we get a few "frames" (probably a tenth of a second) where the masking disappears and then comes back. We've tried masking foreground and background, used both alpha and luma masks, and used both PNG and JPG for the masks - the issue remains.


Our workaround is to pre-split content and play movies with transparency, but that adds time to our workflow and we're on a show schedule as is.


Any suggestions would be appreciated!


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We've been running into a similar problem. For us the problem seems to be specifically limited to pausing on masked-still images. We've found that having an auxilary timeline playing, even one with nothing in it, solves the problem. We've sent our files to Dataton and they've confirmed the problem but are still trying to determine the cause. Hope the time line fix proves useful.



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