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Network error display computer connection lost


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The Production computer error you observed indicates the production computer has lost communication with the display computer. The most LEAST likely cause is a network issueThe fault most likely occurred in the display computer.

To obtain more information on its cause, you will need to look in the display computer’s error logs. On the display computer, go to the folder where WATCHOUT is installed. There you will find a folder named logs. In that folder, look for the most recent text files that begin with WATCHDOG... and WATCHPOINT... and ending in .txt .

If the errors you find in the log files do not contain a number, they are WATCHOUT errors and should be self explanatory. If the errors contain a number, they are Windows errors. 


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8 hours ago, Learner said:

Tried this. It says watch point abruptly ended. Not sure what would be the reason . The error number was 40010004

So the issue is Windows problem. Did you look up the error as described in the knowledge base post?

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Check that the Firewall is off.

We had a similar problem last night, Watchout would give the error message was ..."Display computer: No Response".  The projections would blink out and come back on generally 3 sec into a cue.  After, rebooting and swapping all network cable during the show.  After the show, I discovered Windows 10 had turned the firewall back on.  To stop Windows 10 from restarting the firewall, in services.msc disable the firewall and set type to manual.  

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