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Display Computer not Updating


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Hi everyone,

I'm encountering an issue where for some reason the Display computer will only update when prompted or I go Offline/Online.

Essentially the Display machine won't follow the scrubber on the timeline. After I've updated, I can see assets moving around live even if the scrubber has passed over them.

Anyone encountered anything like this before?

Any help appreciated :)

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This most commonly occurs when there are multiple NICs on the production computer. If the WATCHOUT NIC is not the first NIC in Windows sort order, UDP traffic is lost to the first NIC, while TCP traffic still finds the correct NIC. play sent to the displays is a UDP command.

To quickly confirm this is the cause, disable all NICs but the WATCHOUT NIC and normal operation should be restored. 

If you require multiple NICs (like WiFi and ethernet, etc), re-order the NICs in Windows so the WATCHOUT NIC is first.


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