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WO5 Greater than 1080 live input?


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I was wondering if WO5 was capable of displaying live inputs greater than 1080p?


Example being to use a Datapath Vision DVI-DL ( http://www.datapath.co.uk/products/video-capture-cards/visiondvi-dl ) which can capture up to 4k x 4k. Assume content would come from a pc video serving device capable of providing at least a 2k canvas. Output would then be spread across a multi-out WO5 capable computer.




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Yes, you probably can use this card with WATCHOUT, since Vision E-1s/E-2s works well and uses the same driver.

We have not tested it, yet, and how high resolution you actually can capture, and use, apart from the obvious 2560 x1600 (DL-DVI).

One need a source too, and DL-DVI sources is probably easier to come by than 2160p.


There is nothing within WATCHOUT that sets any limits here.



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