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Is there a difference using SATA hdd and SSD for WatchOut 5 PC configuration?


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Yes... about 150 Mb/s in drive throughput ;-)


It will make a difference when you are trying to play back multiple 'heavy' files (ie: hi bit rate video). If you think you may be layering multiple videos at once, or wish to use 'heavier' codecs, then you will want to use an SSD configuration. That being said, W/O users have been using SATA HDs for a long time now with great success.

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The same basic principal applies to the production PC. The only difference is that if the production PC drops a little video performance here and there, it does not ultimately affect the presentation from the audience's standpoint. If you are comfortable with viewing video as "thumbnails" and/or toggling between thumbnail and full quality preview mode, you will probably be OK with a SATA HD on the production machine. If you want the best performance on the production PC as possible, and the maximum work flow, then you will want to load up your production PC with as many resources as possible... including an SSD.

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Well said JJ,


I'm back from Vacation and finished testing my RAID experiment. I am definitely working with SSDs for my data drives in place of SATA drives. The 7200rpm drive worked well for many years but for multiple steams of HD, I'm in complete agreement with you. Even the SATA II MoBos benefit from SSD and the SATA III capable MoBos are smoking with the full data rate of the SSDs.



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