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WATCHPAX 2, compatible WATCHOUT versions


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All WATCHPAX 2 include support for version 5.5.x. Most WATCHPAX 2 include support for any version 6 variant, up to and including the most recent version 6 release (6.6.5 as of today). There are some early production WATCHPAX 2 that only support v5.5.x. To be sure, use the License Manager in WATCHOUT 5.5.x Production to check supported versions.

The reason you should check with 5.5.x if you are unsure of v6 support is you must go online to check the version. If you go online using v6 production on a v5 only WATCHPAX 2, you will “brick” the unit, requiring it to be returned for service to restore.

v5.5.x only WATCHPAX 2 can be electronically upgraded to v6 in the field for the standard upgrade fee. 
For  more information on this see: https://knowledge.dataton.com/knowledge/how-to-upgrade-a-watchpax-server-from-watchout-version-5-to-version-6

For future searches that may hit this topic, information on the oldest version you may use in WATCHPAX (all models) https://knowledge.dataton.com/knowledge/watchout-versions-for-different-watchpaxes-watchmaxes

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