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Windows 7 and Watchout 5 license key


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We’re setting up our first Watchout display pc running Windows 7 32 bit with the help of your tweaking list, but we seem to have some trouble with auto-loading (Watchout display software shortcut in startup folder of Windows and having the dongle in a usb port) the display software. With the included Codemeter software (4.30a) it almost takes 2 minutes to detect the Watchout 5 license key, which is to be honest way too long (think about a system crash and you want to do a ‘quick’ reboot…). I’ve tested this on multiple Windows 7 machines (default settings and tweaked using your tweak list) and they all have the same problem. I tried updating the Codemeter software (from the WIBU-key website) to version 4.30b and 4.30c, but these give me another problem. The ‘b’ and ‘c’ version seem to speed up the process a lot, but when I use these versions the display software will minimize after about a minute (but still running in taskbar). So those versions are unusable. Can this be fixed?



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Hi Faico-I cant help you I am afraid but thought you might like to know I have the exact same problem. I also have the problem that WO is slow to update changes in the timeline position and unacceptably slow when handling RGB Capture inputs.My solution has been to revert to XPSP3.Both issues have been resolved in this way.I will stay there until a fix/solution is offered.

Good luck


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I hope this can help. Is just like a kitchen recipe sorry.


Uninstall WO

Uninstall /reinstall or update the driver for the graphic card.

Install WO , then install the codemeter 430c

Then remove all what you think you should from the msconfig start then set startup WO.


That normally makes the machine work again as normal.


Wish you luck!.






Distributor for hispanoamerica

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