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Lindy HDMI to USB 3.1 Error


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I am still pretty new to WatchOut, so apologies if asking obvious question.

I am trying to use a "Lindy HDMI to USB 3.1 Video Capture Device". I have tested using it for general capture on my laptop and it seems fine, but doesn't seem to play well with WatchOut. I keep getting the error code: 

From Display "Display 1" of Stage Tier "Base" of StageList of Stage, 2021-06-03 18:21:39
Rendering error: -2147024809; The parameter is incorrect; Live Video "USB Video Device" of Media List

I can't find any info on this error code. Does anyone know what it is, or have any recommendations about how to fix?
Using WatchPax 4 running version 6.6.5, trying to capture 1080p@60

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The error code is from Windows, not WATCHOUT. As you can not install drivers on a WATCHPAX, it may indicate the lack of a driver needed for that device.

Most people would use an HDMI to NDI Ethernet adaptor when using a WATCHPAX to bring in a live signal.

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3 hours ago, RuryBild said:

Hi, cheers for that. Is it possible to manually install the drivers needed? (Found an installer on the Lindy website, specifically for Windows 7) Or is that not possible/recommended?

Not possible / recommended. It would defeat the purpose of a locked down predictable / repeatable configuration. At the very least, if you were to figure a way to hack it, it would void all warranty and support. 

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