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Cuing video when in freerun


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Hello everyone,

I have a show coming up that I will be using freerun on all of the videos on the main timeline. The fade out of the videos will be timed to live music that will change from night to night. However during rehearsal I want to be able to cue up a specific spot of the videos. Does anyone have a good way to deal with this? I am using version 4 right now.



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Try running your free run videos as aux time lines. That will allow you to cue the video to any point you need. The free run wont start until the first time the video hits its end point... Aux time lines are an amazing tool that allows you to have granular control of what's going on. If you stack them properly you can layer aux time lines using a separate one for foreground and background.


I hope this makes sense... I'm on my phone and the forums are not very mobile friendly but leave a note and I can give a better explanation once i'm out of show and willing to do something other than WO with my laptop!

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I am not sure if that will solve my problem. I am aware of aux timelines, however my my videos are four minutes long and I am making them :30 seconds long on free run in the timeline with a fade out after the :30 seconds. I am adding a pause just before the fade out. Does that make sense? I might be missing the point. I don't want the videos to be four minutes long on my timeline.


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Hi bgarrett-


Your freerun cueing sounds right...the video will continue to play even when you hit the pause cue, and then when you advance it will fade out on cue, regardless of where you are in the video.


However, being in freerun by its nature won't let you advance to a point in the video, especially if you shorten the clips in your timeline.


If you want short clips in your main timeline for the show, but need to jump around for rehearsal, I'd suggest making a duplicate of your main timeline in an aux timeline with full length movies not in freerun. (Just select all and copy and paste to the aux timeline.) That will allow you to find the correct spot during rehearsal, but you have your more compact timeline during your show.


If you have a lot of other items before and after this section in your timeline, just copy and paste your video section into the aux timeline and use that timeline for rehearsal.


Hope that helps-


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