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Issues with Ubiquiti fibre switch playback


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Hi All.

We are having some issue with the setup we have here. Overview is

Production computer WO to 48 port ubiquiti switch --> Ubiquiti Fibre Switch XF16 --> Remotely to 48 port Qbiquiti Switch --> Watchpax40

We have a VLAN for show control which has WO on it.

When we push video content from the production computer to the Watchpax40 the output is only single frames not a video. When I hit update the single frame is updated in teh Watchpax40 - no video plays.

We have tested Ubiquiti switch to switch and no issues.

The issue appear to be with the fibre switch 

Has anyone experienced this issue and worked out a solution?

Thanks - SB




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If you don't have two open network connections on your production computer, which is very often the cause for this problem, you should check that TCP/IP and UDP signals can travel through your switches and that no firewall is blocking any ports.

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in addition to Rainer's Post 

This can also caused by the Switch/ Switches blocking UDP Broadcast network Traffic

 Watchout Uses 2 protocols

  1. TCP – for General Comm's and locating
  2. UDP Broadcast for Sync


What your experiencing seems to fit within this


Some managed switches try an block UDP Broadcast traffic by default so I would look there firstly

 Kind Regards 


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