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Production Machine not controlling the Display Machine timeline


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Hi all,

This is causing me a major headache and I know it will be something simple but I have a show I'm building, standard 2 machines one production, one display. everything has been working fine and then suddenly I'm having an issue where the production machine isn't controlling the display machine timeline at all. if I go online or update it will update the display machine to where the production machines playhead is but if i hit play nothing happens.

All the normal firewall and watchout tweeks are applied, the network is as simple as it gets (i've even tried without the network switch involved). All the other functions are working (updating media etc) and the display machine even works when I control it directly from a TCP connection via 3039.

Help! (also thanks in advance!)

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The most common cause is a second network interface in the production computer. Your description exactly matches that issue. 

Did someone activate WiFi in your production computer recently?

If you require two NICs, then the WATCHOUT NIC must be the first NIC in Windows NIC order to prevent this. If there is only one NIC, this issue will not occur. If you search the forum, you will find numerous posts with this issue. A recent post in the responses even includes info on how to change Windows NIC order in Win 10.

There are other potential causes for what you describe, but your post indicates you have already eliminated those issues.

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