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Video Projection - Masking techniques


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Hello everyone and thank you in advance for any help / ideas. 


More than once I have projects that need special masking and with Watchout I am able to accomplish that in most of the cases. 

But now I have a client that loves to do projection into black surfaces. 

All goes well if the room is not fully blackout, because if so, I tend to have problems (well known and discussed) in blend areas and masked areas, because the projector light source, is indeed a light source. 

I know that I can compensate for it in projector if it as that capability. 

But my biggest problem is when I have big warps, for instance, curved walls, etc. 

I was thinking of masking directly the lens like we do on light profiles, but I am afraid that it could damage some how the projector with all the reflections that could be redirected into the projector core. 

Examples attached

The material would be something like cinefoil


Any ideas in the community about this matter are well appreciated. 


That you 



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On 7/29/2021 at 9:57 AM, Sergi Jover said:


A couple of years ago I worked with https://gbvi.co.uk They have excellent and very efficient solutions that may fit in your project.


Nice resource, thank you for the sharing.

Any ideas about the possibility of damaging the projector by covering part of its lens?

Damages to the light source or to its panel?


Thanks in advance

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