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All Content spread on all machine even not in Live Update


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I'm having a weird issue there.

When I updates my machines, they take content that they are not supposed to and it jams the drives. (I'm not in live update.)


I've got a Watchout show that drives 46 outputs.

My full canevas is 17733x2648 so we splitted it in 4 :

Clip 1: 8868 x 1512 (top left 0x, 0y)

Clip 2: 8868 x 1512 (top left 8868x, 0y)

Clip 3 : 8868 x 1136 (top left 0x, 1512y)

Clip 3 : 8868 x 1136 (top left 8868x, 1512y)


I double check all my display windows, are in the right position that matches the clips.

And even though they are only over one clip, the producer tries to upload 2, 3 or 4 clips per output.


Anyone had already seen that ? 


Producer : Show Station pro rack

Displays : Watchpax 60A

Watchout version 6.6.5





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Are you absolutely sure that the videos on the screen are positioned to not show even one pixel on the next screen set?

I've seen situations where I dragged videos onto screens and by accident they were one pixel off from the top of the screen (screen at 100/100 and video at 100/101). In your case, with no space between the screen groups, it would lead to pushing the content to the next screen set as well.

If all your content is designed to fit one of the regions each, why not putting some space between the screens.

The move command (Ctrl+M) and the feature to mark more than one screen and apply changes in one go helps to save time.

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