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Content update, auto-refresh, shared folder


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Hi. They asked me to program a Watchout system for a stand-alone show that will run 12 hours a day for a month. Between many local content there are 6 clips that has to be loaded by the content provider 6 time a day (news). It's not supposed to have an operator there to load this clip, so everything has to work automatic.

I'm thinking at 2 ways to do that:

1 - I use an homemade Display machine where I create a shared folder, I give the content provider the credentials to access that folder through internet (ftp server?) In the project I make a video proxy that points to that folder. If the video provided has always the same name and duration, than the display machine should read it and I don't need to leave the production PC there.

2 - I use a Watchpax (that is preferred for faster power on/off) and I leave the Production PC running the show in AutoUpdate and connected to internet, the video clip is in a shared folder in the Production PC drive that the content provider can access. If the video has always the same lenght and name, the Production PC should auto-refresh and auto-update isn't it?

Any other suggestion? Is there a Watchnet work-around?

Any help appreciated, many thanks

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Hi UnitCone,

I will not discuss what is the best solution as there are lot of factors to consider but I see at least 3 other options:

-          Use video proxy with a file in a windows shared folder and file transfer set to “manual”. It need to activate file sharing on the players but if the files are not that big it’s very efficient. It’s better than a shared folder on the player as it can be played also on the producer and if you have multiple servers it should works fine.

-          Use a live input with a SD card player plugged as HDMI input. The main advantage is it’s completely outside of the Watchout world so you can’t break the main show if you do something wrong (bad codec, bad file…)

-          Use an NDI input from a computer desktop screen. A bit the same as the SD card player but may be cheaper…



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