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How to set a fixed Gateway IP address on a WATCHPAX?


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I used Watchpax4. I must set a fixed Ip ,subnet mask and Gateway ip address on a Watchpax.

I edit the Startup Script in WATCHOUT to define initial WATCHPAX settings.


Then I restarted the watchpax, and checked the watchpax' Ip address. It only saved the Ip address and Subnet mask,

But the Gateway ip address could no save. I  tried many times, but the problem is still not solved. Is there any other way to solve it?

Thanks very much.



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Hi Jonsth,


I know that the setIP command is not documented in the standard WATCHOUT users guide but we added the documentation for this command in the specific documentation for the WATCHPAX series of server. Mainly because this command is only valid for this range of servers.

The command setIP only works in the startup scrip if run on a WATCHPAX server and needs to be preceded by a "authenticate 2". It takes one mandatory parameter and three optional:

setIP IP_number_to_set [Network_Mask] [Default_Gateway] [Default_DNS_server]


authenticate 2


Note that you need to have a space between each parameter, a single dot between the number and no leading zeros on the numbers.


I have tested the parameters you used, on a WATCHPAX 4, and as far as I can tell it works as expected:



Please check if there is a typo or some illegal characters in startup script that prevent the system from setting the correct network parameters.


Best regards,


Senior Product Specialist

Dataton AB



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