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Dynamic Image Server File Request


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Having a bit of trouble with Dynamic Image Server updating photos from SWF file. We have a simple photo check in station for visitors to take a photo and add name + location. This data is sent to a app server. The SWF on the dynamic image server pulls photos from a url coded in a xml file. the photos and xml data lives on the application server on the same network. Watchout will load a batch of photos once, but new photos from the app server are not updating in watchout. I just see the old photos.


Does Dynamic Image Server prefer local images versus network?

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Since you're loading images through SWFs, it's more a matter of what Flash does than what the Dynamic Image Server does. Makw sure that the image is released by the image server before it's to be shown next (i.e., that the image disappears from the image server's window). Alternativey, make your SWF reload images from the server on a regular basis, in case you want to keep the SWF loaded all the time.

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