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Watchout & Yamaha cl5 mixer


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does anyone know a solution on how to control the two devices (yamaha cl5 mixer and watchout production machine) with only a cat5 / 6 cable connection? I'm thinking here of moving one of the faders on the mixer with some kind of watchout control output (generic / string ??) If anyone has an example watchout projectfile I would love to read, and i will can apply (i think) the problem arose in me, if someone sings on a piece of music (live show) and I only want to apply an effect (reverb, echo, delay) to the sound of that word at a given point in the music, then I can do it very precisely with this kind of control . So I shouldn't even touch the mixer that way. This is just a theory on my part, it is only through these that I learn the functions of the program.

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On 12/2/2021 at 7:55 AM, gomapping said:

I used Bitfocus Companion. it can control Yamaha and Watchout togather. 

Download a beta builds. it can schedules time to turn off the mic at Yamaha, play the video on watchout.

Streamdeck/Companion is really good. I was thinking of the OSC/Pilot more because of the faders.

Probably a combination would be the best, since Companion can trigger „start/pause/stop“ out of the box and OSCpilot can have a whole bunch of faders…

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