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eyefinity - screen tearing artifact

Rogier Tuinte

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Sometimes we're using the display machines for other applications than Watchout as well. Last week we used a system with a eyefinity 6950 card for simply playing a mpg2 video with windows media player.

I noticed a visual artifact called screen tearing.

Searching the internet I found discussions about eyefinity setups which cause this artifact.


"The problem is all about timing between the converters, while using a mixture of inputs and monitors have different timings for each."

"The problem stems from using more than 1 type of connector for your monitors."


In our situation we used one straight DVI connection for the primary monitor and a displayport to DVI adapter for the secondary monitor. While playing the video full screen on the secondary output i saw the screen tearing artifact.

Connecting both monitors with a displayport to dvi adapter solved the problem.


Just wondering how Watchout handles timings of the multiple outputs and if anyone saw this artifact while using Watchout with eyefinity cards as well?


Kind regards,


Rogier Tuinte


Check: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Screen_tearing


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I have Sapphire Radeon 6970 video cards (Eyefinity - 2 DVI ports & 2 Mini-Diplay Ports) I play 1920x 1080 out of all 4 ports just fine ...no tearing.


Could be a bad video card ...I was having issues with mine and manufacuture Sapphire replace the cards at no change. They work great now.




Richard Kamper


HD WideScreen.net

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Resolved the tearing problem.

I've to enable Windows Aero theme else the v-sync option “Wait for vertical refresh” is not working.


Since I disabled the Windows Aero theme by selecting a basic theme, i noticed the screen tearing artifact.

When I select a Windows Aero theme and enabled V-sync in the catalyst control center the tearing artifact disappear.


Is there a disadvantage during Watchout use when a Windows Aero theme is on?

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