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AMD Crossfire


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Does watchout works with ati crossfire technic,


I have installed 2 of ati firepro v4800 graphic card with 3 output each. I can see all of 6 windows screen working. i can also see also watchout logo on all of 6 screen by opening watchout display softare.


But while give onlline command from watchout production , only 3 screen give watchout display rest 3 screen from second graphic card ( in the same computer) remain blank.


pl. advice me what to do.




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Hi Divish,


Crossfire should work, but this is not what you describe here.

Crossfire means using 2 graphics card as one, faster card, with the output/s coming from one of them.


WATCHOUT supports up to 6 outputs from ONE graphics card/license, with the same resolution/refresh rate.


Read this for more info: http://dataton.com/forum/topic/93-wo5-multi-output/


Please also do NOT hijack a subject/topic on the forum for a different issue.

Instead create a new one. I've split this topic for this reason.





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