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Make watchout play whenever windows starts

Gates kweon

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hi dear
Make watchout play whenever windows starts
Can you set it up?
what i want is watchout
I want it to play as soon as the window is launched.
and the play continues
I want to use a function that turns off at a set time.
We turn on the power at 9 o'clock and at the same time the watchout run window appears.
It was possible until it opened.
But not play.
I wonder how to make it play automatically.
thanks regards
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It is possible to set up a display computer or cluster to automatically start a WATCHOUT show once the computer starts. This is explained in the users guide at page 176. Some BIOS versions also allow to start a computer at a certain time.

Shutting down at a certain is a bit more difficult since a computer normally doesn't have any such function.

While you might find a third-party app to do such things, another way would be to start an auxiliary timeline with the length of your daily program and a powerDown command at the end of the day. You'd need to set up a string output with the address(es) of your display computer(s) and send

authenticate 1$0D


Hope this helps.

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