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Mask feature not working as I expect - New user


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Hello guys,

I've having difficulties with the mask feature. I'm trying to set a simple left/right blend for a two-projector setup (auto-blend isn't sufficient) and I can't get the UI to do what I want.

First of all should I be running in online mode? That's what I did with the geometry feature which worked as expected, I could choose a geometry, play with the point and see the changes in real time.

Now for mask if I add one I don't see anything happening on the projection. I have to click and drag in the canvas ui to have the green outline appear and then I have no control over it. am I missing something ? I feel like I had to go online-offline to have anything react.

If someone could walk me through the process of adding a mask, editing it and deleting it that would be great.

I searched but every video I found of someone using the masking process it all shows in real time like I expect to act.



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Okay I managed to painfully move my points to adjust my mask.

I have to use the scroll wheel (!?) to get the points "active" (yellow highlight) and then be able to move them. Sometimes I could pick and drag the point and sometime I had to drag the point without it following and use the scroll wheel to refresh the UI. Is that a bug or the way it's designed?



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