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Watchout Hanging/Freezing on Content Transfers


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Hi All,

I have a pair of servers that worked great for years (Win10, built by showsage). I recently updated them to 6.7, but since then I have issues transferring content. The very first content push from a production system to the servers works fine, but any updates or additional content added will cause the display servers to hang on the transferring and/or caching display. The actual transfer and/or cache process does complete, as ALT-TABing on the display system will get the stuck transfer/cache screen to complete and dissappear, and then the servers run content as normal. 

Rolling back to 6.6.4 did not fix it, I also tried 6.4 but no luck. Next test is the last working version that is included in the server's backup drive (6.2.2) to see if that fixes it.

Anyone have any clue what could be causing this? I want to poke at it a bit more before I send them off to our vendor for a fix.

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It seems like something may have become corrupted either on the OS Drive or in the WATCHOUT installation.

Depending on how the versions of WATCHOUT was installed it could also be pointed at the wrong drive (C instead of D) and that could be causing some issues.

If you need assistance with recovery steps or anything like that I would recommend contacting Show Sage Service and sending an e-mail with the following items to get the best steps for your unit as fast as possible:

Company Name, Show Sage Machine (SS####) located on the front of the machine, What recovery steps you may have already taken if any.

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