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I'm buying a whole new computer to run Watchout on - what should I keep in mind?

Ben Debuse

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I'm buying a new computer (PC or MAC) and I wanted some advice on hardware. Stuff like duel core processors, RAM, SATA drives, which graphics card, how many screens etc... This is what I'll be doing with it:


Designing shows using Watchout

Compositing in HD using After Effects

Editing using Premiere



Budget is around £1200


Any advice anyone has would be gratefully received!



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Hi Ben-only just saw your post so you have probably already bought but I use the following with success to run HD shows.

Intel I7 2600k quad Core 3.4GHZ

ATI Radeon HD5850

ASUS P8P67 Mobo.

4 Gig Ram

All in this set me back around £600.

Add a couple of Sata drives and a decent PSU you can easily come in under £1200.More like £850

Neil Stratton

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I'm inclined to half the spending on the usual SATA drive and go for a SSD instead. There is a big gap in performance even if the SSD is a moderate performer by SSD standards. Basically, use the ole spinning SATA for extra storage, and run Watchout on an SSD - http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/ssd-upgrade-hdd-performance,3023.html


After Effects thrives on RAM so you'll need 16-32GB for that depending on how heavy your usage of AFx is.

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