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Fade to sound


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Are you using some kind of control gear to interact with your show, e.g. a MIDI fader box, Streamdeck, DMX,...?

Basically fading the new timeline over the existing loop is very easy since only the new timeline needs a fade-up at the beginning. Just make sure that the timeline sits above the one you want to fade-out or is set to "always on top" in the timeline settings. If you want to fade the audio of the loop you can add a tween and connect the tween to an input. If you don't use DMX in your show you could use a DMX channel and connect this to your tween.  "Tween Value * DMXvalue"

Since you can also control DMX as an output you can do this at the beginning of your new timeline. If you run a production computer in your show, you could also use a string output and a generic input sending the command "setInput xyz 0 1000" where xyz would be the name of your input, 0 the target value for your tween and 1000 a 1 second fade.

As I said, there are various ways to do it and it depends on your whole setup and how you're controlling your show.

Actually you might consider to enroll in one of our Certified User training sessions where we also explain a lot about controlling WATCHOUT in and out.

The training sessions are hosted by various premium partners around the globe in English and local languages. More on this on the Dataton website.

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