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How to perfectly loop a clip?


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This seems like the simplest feature in the world, so why does Watchout make it so damn complicated? I want to loop a clip in a timeline, that's it. Instead when I put my clip in an aux timeline and loop with a pause cue (jump to 00:00), I get black frames at the beginning of the loop. Please provide a simple, easy solution. This shouldn't be this difficult...

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This simplest feature in the world already exist in Watchout since version3,
Which called "Looping".
and here's user guide on how to enable the loop function.

try to read the manual or google "watchout loop" shouldn't be this difficult...

First: Watchout is not editing/compositing software.
perfect loop video should create in other application, such as aftereffect.
then you can simply loop the video, instead of editing/compositing in Watchout.

Second: if you insist doing editing/compositing a perfect looping video in Watchout, You should use composition(Plus LOOPING function), instead of jumping on the (AUX)timeline

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