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Setting up new Watchout 5 Display PC Spec


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My Company is considering upgrading to Watchout 5 and we need to build new systems for it. Could anyone please recommend a good full spec for it?


These are a few things that I take in considerations (but not necessary):

  • For motherboard, is Asus Sabertooth Z77 any good? Because of dust proof as well as smaller motherboard/casing for easier setting up and movement
  • Does 8 cores and above processor really necessary for watchout playback? Or 4 cores is good enough for 6 display outputs
  • Which graphic card is recommended for 6 outputs?
  • Is 64GB ssd for installing the system and another 120gb SSD for Watchout enough?
  • 8GB or 16 GB or ram?

Thank you in advance


P.s. Our company based in China thus we need those parts are easily obtainable in China

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