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WATCHOUT 6.4.1 released

Jacquie McHale

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Hi Everyone, 

WATCHOUT version 6.4.1 is now available for download!


Dataton WATCHOUT User's Guide  (updated with keyboard shortcuts)

Release notes:

Dataton WATCHOUT® version 6.4.1
This version mainly contains fixes.

  • Triggering a task in the display software, by setting an input variable, now works correctly.
  • The remote upgrade now works on Dataton media servers that have a fixed IP address set in the startup script.
  • Sending a "setInput" command to the display software, while it has no show running, will no longer cause a crash.
  • Fixed multiple bugs related to multi-editing of displays.
  • Fixed multiple bugs in the text editing dialog.
  • Some changes could be done in the Task Window, without the user being prompted to save the show afterwards. This has been resolved.
  • Fixed multiple bugs concerning playback of presplit images, which could result in a crash in the display software.
  • Resolved an issue where the timecode format wasn’t changed to the selected value.
  • The production software could crash if the selected timecode device was disconnected and timecode control was disabled. This has now been fixed.
  • Fixed a crash bug that could occur when editing display masks.
  • "Check Diagonal" in audio output channel assignment now works.
  • Resolved a crash bug that could occur when a 3D model cue was copied and pasted.
  • Fixed a potential crash bug that could occur when going online on a slow or busy network.
  • The maximum number of decoding threads for H.264/AVC video has been limited to 8 to avoid running out of memory on servers with a high CPU core count.

Happy Tuesday!



Jacquie McHale Sjödin
Communications Officer


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