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Double instance of watchout and WatchPoint in Task Manager

Curtis Hutchins

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INFO: My systems are running Watchout 5.2, (32bit version of Windows 7)


I've noticed while using Watchout 5 that two instances of Wacthout appear to launch during start up. I am wondering if this is normal or a problem?


When I bring up the task manager using Ctrl-Alt-Del you can see a Watchout Instance running called "Watchout" and another instance named "Watchpoint" The instance named Watchout appears to actually be Watchpoint and stuck.


Switching to the instance named "Watchout" shows the normal Watchout 5 screen with an hour glass and it appears stuck. If fact some times the task manager windows says that it is not responding... Switching to the WatchPoint instance, and watchout is running my show as expected. If I force quick the the instance named "Watchout" I am able to switch back to watchpoint and the show continues without instance.


Is this a known problem?


I have noticed sometimes Wachout has switched over to the instance that is stuck. This happens sometimes on startup and also happened once after a 12 hour period. The computer and WatchPoint program were working correctly it just happend to be switched over to the Watchout instance.


I launch WatchPoint from the startup menu items and it is the only item in there except code-meter


Any thoughts on this much appreciated.





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There are two separate programs involved when running WATCHOUT display software. The one named WATCHPOINT.EXE and the one named WP.EXE. They may appear in the task manager under their window names, although I think you can also view the processe's EXE filename. The purpose of this two-tiered approach is to increase reliability, where one of the two processes mainly watches the other, to make sure it keeps running properly. Should it for some reason stop doing so, it will be automatically re-started to get it back to working order as soon as possible without manual intervention.


If you feel that WATCHOUT display software isn't working properly, please contact support@dataton.se with a test case that exhibits the problematic behavior, and they'll help you sort it out.



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Following up on this topic a bit further...


What is happening when Watchdog comes forward on the screen displaying the WATCHOUT Screen and an hour glass? I don't think WATCHPOINT was restarted, or if it was no message is sent back to the WATCHOUT production tool message window.


This situation where WATCHPOINT becomes minimize/hidden and still running in the background has happened several times now. is there is something that I can do to prevent this?





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