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Dynamic Image server Dongles and network video


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I'm not having a gripe about this - yet.

But consider the following:


A Watchout dongle will run 4 heads of display with the right kit.

The Production machine needs a dongle too (Fair enough, so do many other packages)

Backup production boxes/displays too.


So getting a "key not found" when trying to run the image server outboard from production - which would seem sensible given it may need to access external data which one would like to keep separate from their production network, to me seems pretty pricey.


This could be done from the networking level quite safely with port blocking/filtering etc. But I'd be nervous connecting my display/watchout network to an internet connection or anything other than a managed switch - with other data sources safely away from the LAN running watchout.

The ideal would be to be able to run the server outboard - but not have to spend a key to do so.


Can one run the server safely from their production machine during a show? Has anyone done it?


So at a show requiring RSS feeds / twitter feeds etc you need to choose to either run the server from ... backup production machine? If you have one? or sacrifice an entire key to run this thing? If the server is run outboard would it be able to support multiple interfaces (One going to watchout - the other going to the internet?)

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...Can one run the server safely from their production machine during a show? Has anyone done it?...

Yes, but to do so, the machine running both production and dynamic image server must then have two keys connected.

Also, when running both software packages on the same machine, dynamic images will not be available in production preview.

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I see. I tried earlier on to run with just one dongle before giving up and going to an outboard image server.


Some huge potential with this feature. I'm hoping it gets expanded a lot more in the future to take a little of the sting out of spending a dongle on it.

I've got a ticker and some basic animation working. Was wondering if anyone had made a twitter parser yet? I think to start I'd like to grab just the text from a client's website and converting it to text 1st. Any Ideas?

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