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Problems with load command


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We are in a project with 6 watchout servers with four 4K video outputs each, running on Windows 10 Pro. All they work as a cluster.

We are using 6.4 watchout version and SSD HDD with very high speed.

In order to load a show, we send the "load myShow" command to the master of the cluster through an TCP connection and eveything goes well, we can see the master's replies: "establishing cluster" with each display and finally "cluster established".

Later on, if we try to load that show again, the watchout program get crashed, it doesn't respond. That means that every display get blocked with the Dataton logo and its IP and we don't get anymore message through the TCP connection. We can not send either any more commands. The connection is stil open but it is not working.

We don't understand what is happening. Always occurs when we try to load the show more than one time. We wonder if the fact of using a very heavy content could be the reason for that?..

Many thanks for your help


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