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HD BaseT DVI / HDMI extension

Tom LaDuke

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I am interested to hear if any forum members have tried or implemented the new HD BaseT extension technology with Watchout multi-output setups. We have a major permanent installation in progress where we switched from our standard SDI extenders to HD BaseT. We tested five different manufacturers HD BaseT products with our ATI graphics cards and test results were very promising. I am not recomending any specific brand but I did test them for interoperibility and they all worked.


You can read read about the technology at the hdbaset.org website.


We used active display port to HDMI adapters in order to mate with the BaseT transmitter. Our Christie projectors and graphics cards recognized each other everytime because this technology passes the EDID. Using CAT 5E or Cat 6 UTP we were able to push 1080P 60 over 300' consistently. We have seen no watchout related issues.


We would be very interested in hearing from anyone that has used this technology for extending HD video from Watchout machines. Our system will begin testing in Mid August and I will update the forum with our results.



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Apparently you can never test enough


We are now in the field deep in to our installation. HDBaseT units installed on 14 channels of 1080P


Extenders work fine. Longest run is 220 feet




ATI Eyefinity 6900 series graphics card that we tested with up to six outputs will not work as expected

We never tested multiple outputs at the same time, just distance and image quality.


The Eyefinity requires at least one Displayport output when using three or more outputs from the card. The HDBaseT transmitter is not handshaking the third output. We have tried several different active displayport adapters, DP to HDMI, with no luck. The HDBaseT manufacturer is sending us an updated firmware version that may resolve this conflict.


More to follow, clock is ticking



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Hi Tom,


As far as I know, are there no ACTIVE DP/MiniDP to HDMI adapters/dongles available, only passive.

One have to use ACTIVE DP/MiniDP to DVI adapter with a passive converter to HDMI.


Please see in the forum - WATCHOUT 5 Technical notes



    From topic: WATCHOUT 5 - Multi output




Irrespectively the number of connectors, DisplayPort or MiniDisplayPort, all outputs over two (2) “legacy” connectors, 

VGA/DVI/HDMI, MUST use ACTIVE DP/MiniDP—>DVI/HDMI adapters, passive will NOT work.


There are 2 different types of ACTIVE DP/MDP-adapters, Single-Link DVI and Dual-Link DVI.

Single-Link DVI - cheap, resolution up to 1920x1200, powered from the DP/MDP-connector

Dual-Link DVI - more expensive, resolution up to 2560x1600, powered from separate USB or external Power Supply


Hope this helps,


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