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watchout using perfect cue control

Roberto Delgado

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Hi Roberto,

This might work, but I would recommend using a Medialon ShowMaster in between, so you can really control your show and be able to control only specific parts of the show on specific moments.

Otherwise a presenter using the Perfect Cue has control over your WO system on any moment, which can led to unwanted situations.


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I use a Perfect Cue all the time. I reprogram so that the forward button = + (run) so that the presenter doesn't accidentally toggle a run state using space. If all your control cues are on the same layer, you can highlight that layer and use back as a left arrow (the default on a Perfect Cue) to step backwards. This can get risky without careful monitoring.


You can always use the "auto" control button on the Perfect Cue to disable input from the transmitter when not needed. Or you can use it as a monkey light if you are really paranoid. It all depends on how versed your presenter is without controlling their own presentations.


Of course for the deluxe control method, something similar to the Medialon mentioned above is best. Much more expensive, however.



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