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2 hours ago, Bastin john said:

while i'm using midi control in Watchout i can change the task,

but for changing any videos, audio is still working in background even if i change the next task

i am using korg nano kontrol

Please clarify. Are you saying …

- one auxiliary timeline is running with video and audio

- an additional timeline with video and audio is started. It’s video appears (covering the previous timelines video), you still the hear the previous timeline audio

That is normal. Auxiliary timelines / tasks are not mutually exclusive. There are many applications where multiple independent timelines are needed. If you want a running timeline to stop, you need to program it to stop.

Triggering from MIDI is incidental, it does not matter how you start the auxiliary timeline.

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The technique varies based on the specific requirements. Often, when each new task is started the timeline also includes Control Cues to send stop to any / all timelines it might potentially replace.

BTW The Timeline setting for stacking order may come into play on how the transitions behave visually.

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