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SDI input on a Laptop

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Hey guys,


The basic deal is we are supplying all the video portion of a tour minus the watchout system that the tour actually owns. Their computers of choice are laptops since they fly gig to gig and it is a world tour. For the past years they have supplied basically component input.... (yeah). Seeing as we have got the tour to go full HD I am looking at a way to get HD/Sdi into the Laptops. I have searched the forums and found a few great opinions on card based inputs howerver i need something that will utilize the pci express port on a laptop.


Doing a little look around i found a motu box that will do this (hdx-sdi). Does anyone have any experience with this box, or have a better suggestion for me?



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BMD:s USB 3.0 based framegrabbers will cause a severe delay for live capture, compared to PCIe based ones.

If that's OK, they can probably be used with WATCHOUT. They use the same drivers.



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