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Texture projected not UV Baked

Maxime Doyle

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Is it possible in Watchout to set a Perspective view of a 3D object, export this view as 2D picture documents (png or jpeg), create content by painting on it (photoshop or illustrator) and then reimport the Painted Pictures (png or jpeg) and apply it to the object using the Perspective View reference?

Sketchup is using this technique to create content as texture to apply on 3D object without having to UV Baked/ UV Map the content; is there a way to do this with Watchout?  If it is, is there a video or documentation about how to do it?

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The benefit of using 3D object files with a uv mesh is that WATCHOUT then knows the orientation in 3D space AND the pixel flow around the object. What you're describing is the "old fashioned" approach to "3D mapping" (I would call this 2D mapping), taking a picture from the projection point and then animating each projector view separately. The logical result is that your content would only work for a given projector position incl. the correct lens factor, projector orientation,... If you move the projector slightly to another position, you're out. 

Unfortunately I do not see a way to use the easy 6-point calibration for your workflow. And sorry, there is no documentation from Dataton for your workflow.

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