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What possibly causes DMX inaccurate


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Dear All,


I'm programming DMX strobe light and it doesn't always give me an accurate flash. I'm using DMXKing eDMX1 3pin to send out DMX signal to the strobe light and using its configuration program to test, the strobe light does flash correctly. When I program the strobe light flashing in watchout timeline and loop the timeline, most of the time it flashes 2 times, other time it flashes once, and sometimes it flashes continuously for a few seconds and sometimes it doesn't flash at all. Is there anything that I should check? What could possibly causes this DMX signal so unstable / unreliable?





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Hi Lawrence,


What version of WATCHOUT are you using, what is the brand/model of the strobe and how do you do when you test the control of the strobe from WATCHOUT?

I know from experience that even if you use a professional light control desk it is very hard to make a strobe flash only once. There might be that you need to set several DMX channels in a sequence. If the strobe has one channel for intensity and one for rate you might have to set one before the other to get the correct result. More professional strobes often have a "effect" channel where a certain DMX value can mean "Flash Once".



Best regards

Dataton support /jme

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