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How to handle video files for a large LED wall in WATCHOUT


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I am working a project that has a wide digital canvas size of 29,952x1920 px.  This will take two WO servers with AMD WX9100/6 output card and a AMD WX7100 4 output card to run.  And the outputs on and the video cards will be set at 3840x2160.   I am currently trying to use virtual displays to send the outside screens to the one computer and the center area to another computer.  I am doing this because I was not able to get rid of sync tearing using my S400 sync cards.  The outboard screens will have a small physical space between them and the center portion of the LED wall and I am going to use that space to hide any tearing that might occur.

These are my current splits are:

  • Left Screen = 5760x1920
  • Left Center Screen = 6144x1920
  • Center Screen = 6144x1920
  • Right Center Screen = 6144x1920
  • Right Screen = 5760x1920


  • I'm I approaching this scenario logically? 
  • Are there better techniques to handle large files that eliminate the issues of video tearing and playback performance?
  • Can a video proxy be used with virtual displays?  If so, how?
  • If virtual displays can't deal with a video proxy then would I set the standard displays up to fit the 8 video pieces which would make them all custom EDID's?
  • Would all of the output receive the same EDID except the last one?  1-7 our rendered at 3840x1920, output 8 is rendered at 3072x1920.

Any input is much appreciated.



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