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Multichannel Audio Help needed


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I am having trouble playing back 8 channel wav files. They play fine in windows media player, however in Watchout v5 channels 1-6 play out fine, but the 7th is being sent to outputs 1 and 3 and the 8th is going to outputs 2 and 4.


We are using the Echo AudioFire 12 interface via FW400, running Windows 7 32bit.

Audio files are being created in Audacity


Any help would be appreciated

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This was the more important link, from the second post in that thread.



This is a Windows 7 issue, in where Microsoft for some reason,

rearranged the outputs compared to how it's done in WindowsXP...


We have made a tool for rearrange the outputs of a file, could be found in that thread, post #8:




or at our downloads page. AUDIO CHANNEL ASSIGNMENT:





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